Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Here's a link to our video on the project.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

VISITING US.....Traveling to our experience site is easy. We have provided a link to visit the site as an avatar (above) through a SLURL (that's a second life url). 

Who we are and why we designed this experience.

We were awarded a $5.1 MM WIRED Grant from the US Dept. of Labor to promote interactive digital technology in Appalachian Ohio. The three state universities in the region have 700 students enrolled in animation and game development degree programs representing considerable human capital for future economic development.

WIRED Island One in second  was designed as our demonstration island. We built more than twenty immersive experiences there from the F-35 Lightning fighter to an underwater park. Our FVWC entry is an exciting animated, interactive classroom demonstrating the potential for virtual worlds as training, orientation and public relations sites for major industries.

Walk through and experience our 100’ x 60’ ( scaled from 1.5 sq. mi.) virtual model of America’s second largest coal-fired power station. The model was designed to help orient new trainees. 

Experience the huge, fully animated, cut-away schematic of a coal fired power plant with it’s huge firey furnaces, boilers, steam turbines, generator and it’s attached power grid complete from the plant to the consumer.We have even provided a bosun's chair type tour vehicle for touring the schematic up close. Enjoy!

The superheated steam from the boilers enters the turbines to drive the alternator. Also shown here: cooling tower, condenser, and coal pulverization mill.